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3D Design Services

3-D Designing or Modeling can be determined as an extensive process of constructing a precise representation of any three-dimensional apparent of an object via technically equipped tools and programs. Models created manually provide a geometric idea to for 3D graphing. Rally Solutions has been delivering efficient 3D designing services since its inception, and has remodeled its proposals, functionality and usability and 3D software in accordance with the technical advancement. With services at a global par, we allow you a sincere supervision on your animation requirements, with our team of ranging animators well-equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge to create 3D Animations for movies, TV sitcoms, e-learning sites, games and others with a professional approach.


Modeling redefines the outer characteristics of any object, and allows any animator to preview any object authentically. With every genre fully covered, we exhibit versatility and resolution. With expert tools and equipment, we deliver accurate results with sharp designs under up-to-date expertise.


Calculating best texturing for your fonts and layouts now is easy with UV Mapping. With custom made 3D designs and crafting, we provide a resourceful range of options to choose from with Texel density maintenance. Keeping in mind every detail, we propose for best UV Coverage and Mapping facilities.


Textures are designed in order to stimulate a 3D model’s appearance, like adding color, governing a specific characteristic or highlighting a part of the model, everything is taken care of. With a mastered proposition in this field, we try and match the standards with noticeable artistry.


Known as an expert in Rigging, Rally Solutions delivers great results with characterized animation with distinguished features. With an attained expertise in rigging and skinning the models in both Max and Maya, we develop best and modified outline with a user friendly interface.


Animation is a technique to bring a simple sketch to life, and with the assistance of updated technical tools and new-found technology, we intend to create master pieces in the form of animation and computing graphics. With a comforting approach and a profound knowledge, we process elegant and realistic art.


With the fast-running technology, MOCAP Cleanup stands out as a unique combination of technical upgrading and artistic innovation. Known to be the most prolific way to record actions of human actors for animated character, it regenerates those documents into 2D or 3D computer animatronics and modeling with great efforts for a flawless animation results.


Beautification refers to toning the modeled sketch via 3D tools with a realistic approach. By adding numeric tools, consistencies, lighting and certain effects, we provide you with ample time to focus more on the power play rather than worrying about the detailing.


With a tech-savvy team of artists and developers under our influence, we not only process artistic excellence, but have gained mastery with the technicalities behind those creations. The team of experts has a profound knowledge about the major engines and knows which shader must be used for an enhanced result.


By embracing the modernity, we are still in touch with our creative and artistic tools and roots. Our team of old-fashioned artists is ever ready the 2D & 3D art forms and games with essential features being highlighted. Paint touch-ups, props development and designing and much more is what enlightens our portfolio.


A good concept art is something rather more materialistic and creative than the new-found characterization. Like a foundation, it must be strong enough to provide quality outcome. With a professed knowledge about persuasive art, matte canvases, character strategy and concept art, Rally Solutions offers best and affordable 3D design services.