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AdWords Update: Google Plans to Deactivate AdWords Account!!

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Recently Google took its Twitter handle to announce that the AdWords accounts which are inactive for last 15 months are going to be deactivated. This is an attempt on the part of Google to “speed up your AdWords experience.” However, you can always reactivate your account if any chance Google has deactivated it.


Google has posted a Help Doc file for it on its official blog. In this update, if you have not spent in last 15 months and it’s been inactive for that time period, then it will be automatically cancelled. But, you must keep in mind that, your account can be cancelled any other reason than this. In that case, you need to take necessary measure to reactivate it.

How I will Know About The Cancellation?
You will an email notification from Google itself on the linked mail address as soon as it will deactivate your account. But the good part is that, you can log in and access your account even after the cancellation. You will also see an in-account notification alerting about the cancellation of the account.

How Do I Reactivate The Cancelled Account?
You can reactivate your AdWords account whenever you want to. But always keep in mind that, if you have reactivated your account and it does not serve any ad again for three more months, it will be deactivated again. Always follow the guideline to reactivate it to avoid any confusion in future.

Remember, if your account has been cancelled, you cannot access it via Google AdWords API. Your account needs prior reactivation in order to attempt to make any changes or to view data through Google API.

Check out the Tweet of Google regarding AdWords account cancellation here:

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