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Are Page Likes no longer Important for Facebook?

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Likes are the driving factor of the Facebook universe, a tool of business development that determines your organic reach, which in turn act as a parameter for Facebook while pinning ads. Undoubtedly, Likes form an important yardstick which requires a strategic outlook on the part of page owners.

However, with recent additions in terms of features and tools improving user experience, the importance of Page Likes has experienced a sudden downfall. Let us examine how important are page likes in the current Facebook eco-system.

The Evolution of Facebook Like

Facebook launched the Like button in February 2009. The Like instantly became a valuable parameter for your popularity and importance in the Social Networking Universe. Moreover, when business owners began filling the network considering its expanding user base, Likes started playing a crucial role in improving business productivity.

The additional feature was simple and straight-forward that had completely transformed the game while also acting as data source. With the help of Likes, Facebook was now compiling a vast database comprising if what the user is interested in. Every single Like used to get added in your Facebook profile which was then taken into account to map put a pattern and correlation between your interests.


Likes actually aided Facebook to construct a valuable data resource ever made which was functional and accurate. As an additional bonus, users were actually providing it to them and data flow continued at the rate of new data points on a daily basis.

As a dependable source of information, Likes were crucial but the story doesn’t end here. In addition to data explosion, there also came a problem.

The Problem

Initially, Facebook pages were stimulated to get more Likes, as they indicated that the surfer was interested in your posts. In recent times, the social network is compelled to dilute the Like’s importance as it no longer impacted the reach. Since then, getting Facebook Likes would indicate your popularity, but that did not guarantee that more people are going to engage with your content.

Reportedly, an average user on Facebook can see a maximum of 1500 updates every day based on what he/she has liked. To tackle this and to guarantee that users continue to have an improved Facebook-ing experience, the social network launched its News Feed algorithm in 2013. This feature enabled users to browse content which was extensively filtered on a bunch of factors and Likes were just one of them.

On the face of it, the value of Facebook Like experienced a downfall. Furthermore, it was quite unclear what like signified or what Liking a Page would clearly indicate as far as your Facebook experienced is concerned.

Unfollow feature

The value associated with Likes further sapped in December 13 when Facebook launched the “Unfollow” feature, which the users can access easily on their news feed. This allowed users to “Unfollow” a page but still Like them.

Therefore, considering this, what is the significance of Page likes on modern Facebook?

The Importance of Like

To elucidate, there are two distinct clarifications associated with the value of Likes. For a personalised user experience, Likes were relevant as they determined popularity and importance. For business use, post Likes hold the same value as they defined reach and audience response in terms of Page performance.

Conclusively, number of page likes doesn’t necessarily indicate that your message is sent across; it is actually the user engagement on the post that truly determines your reach and response.

In reality, in order to bolster your Facebook performance, Page likes is only one parameter. The actual strategizing is required in making posts more engaging which ultimately would incur Page Liked anyway.


In this situation, “Followers” is a good way to judge your Page Performance. A dropping Followers count means that your Page is less engaging and holds diminishing relevance to your audience.

Above all, Page likes do have an indicative value, but the actual value is determined by the understanding why they should follow your page. If your focus in on enhancing on page performance then Page likes are more important, but if you are browsing Facebook for critical business info, then the posts are more important.

Platforms modifications and developments have led major changes in the equation of Page Likes. Due to this, the significance of actual number remains in the dark.

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