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Create and Share Lists of Favorite Destinations with the Latest Google Maps’ Feature

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Another feather in Google cap is right here!

Now create and share a list of your favorite destinations, places, cities or anything across the globe through the new feature by Google Maps application. As the company’s blog narrated,

“You can now create lists of places, share your lists with others, and follow the lists of your friends and family when shared with you.”

Latest Google Maps

This update is available for both Android and iOS interfaces. One of the additional advantages is that through ‘Lists’ feature, you can create a future wish list consisting of the places you would like to explore, food joints you would love to visit or fashion stores. You can access, add or edit the list through offline mode as well. The blog further rolled out,

“If you have offline maps downloaded, places added to the lists will appear on your offline map.”

Here’s how you can use this new feature. Follow these steps:

  • Add a place by opening ‘YOUR PLACES’ option on Google Maps menu.
  • Open ‘Saved’ list.
  • Select the “Plus” sign located in the blue circle on the screen’s bottom right corner.
  • You can also search the place, select it, and click on “Save” in order to add it to the new list.

Here’s the best chance to prepare another vacation list, right!?

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