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Now, it’s more than just “liking” the picture, as Facebook has launched “Reactions” as an add-on segment. A new gem in the bucket, “Reactions” is the new “Like” button, which allows the user to express the emotions according to the post. Users globally have expressed their gratitude towards this new addition, and can express love, laughter, surprise, sadness or anger through Reactions. According to Mark Zuckerberg, “Love” emoticon is the popular one until now!


The CEO of Facebook has himself posted a brief description along with a short video about the recent launch on his FB page, and has expressed the best way to let people “Like” any post. “People wanted to express empathy and make it comfortable to share a wider range of emotions,” Mark Zuckerberg wrote, as quoted. The emoticons only appear when a user hovers over the “like” button via Desktop or long press the button via mobile. This represents a key innovation and is a great deal analyzing global reactions over the posts and contents.

There was a proposal for “Dislike” button, but that commanded a debate over the increase of cyber bullying and constant negativity. As Mark said, “We need to figure out the right way to do it so it ends up being a force for good, not a force for bad”, we agree as well! Therefore, modifying the proposal, the team of Facebook invented Reactions, which will also be used to track and evaluate user behavior and for ad delivery.

“We will initially use any Reaction similar to a Like to infer that you want to see more of that type of content,” Facebook posted the information via a separate blog. The new feature will be available to a specific FB user segment on Friday, as announced.

Wow! How Does It Work?

Following are some steps one can follow to avail this new feature on their Facebook profile:

  • Log in to your Facebook account by entering your e-mail address and password.
  • Your Facebook wall/News Feed will appear.
  • Go to any post you want to read or like.
  • If you are a Desktop user, hover over the like button.
  • If you are a mobile user, long press the like button.
  • In both cases, a panel of six different reactions, i.e. “Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Anger”, will appear.
  • Select any one reaction you desire, and add it with a given post.
  • You can undo or change your reaction as per your choice.


When Will I Get It? It’s Great!

As per the Facebook policies, this feature will be available based on your geographical residence. Facebook users in Ireland and Spain will be the first to try out this feature, and their initial reactions will be recorded for further launch. These countries are selected as a test-bed based on their limited worldwide connections on Facebook. Also, Spain will be a perfect option for how non-English speakers will respond.

Be ready for this new addition, and experience a first-class social connectivity on your finger-tips.

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