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Google Analytics 360 Suite: It’s Time for Better Marketing “Micro-Moments”!

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This time, Google is playing big!

Google has opened up a whole suitcase of innovative tools as a massive improvement technique in the genre of marketing, and has announced the launch of Google Analytics 360 Suite, its new enterprise-oriented measurement platform.

It is heavily structured to propose comprised and integrated, easy-to-use tools and equipment which results in high-quality evaluation, insights and lead generation. AdWords and DoubleClick, the native “ingredients”, are used to make it more peculiar and useful for search marketers. In an appearing post, Paul Muret, Vice President of Analytics, Display, and Video Products, wrote:

“Sophisticated marketers who use analytics platforms are 3X more likely to outperform their peers in achieving revenue goals. It’s no wonder enterprise-class marketers have been telling us they need more from their marketing analytics tools. Many toolsets can’t cope: They’re too hard to use, lack sufficient collaboration capabilities, are poorly integrated, and require hard to find expertise.”


The Suite features six inventive tools, four of which are new and as follows:

  • Audience Center 360 (beta): Known as Google’s foremost data management platform (DMP), it integrates with DoubleClick and AdWords, and can be used along with extra demand-side platforms (DSPs).
  • Optimize 360 (beta): Second on the list, it is a website testing and personalization product for evaluating and examining levels of user visitations and experiences. It is constructed for A/B testing.
  • Data Studio 360 (beta): This tool is used for Data analysis and visualization process for generating dashboards and reports.
  • Tag Manager 360 (beta): This is a standalone product, and a new addition in Google Analytics.
  • Attribution 360 (formerly as Adometry): The tool is re-formatted, as Google says, “rebuilt from the ground up” for marketers to channelize sales and results.
  • Analytics 360 (formerly as Google Analytics Premium): Google elaborated this product as “the measurement centerpiece by analyzing customer data from all touch-points.”

With all these new features, marketers will be offered the Suite à la carte (release date and price unannounced). Google also revealed that the interested buys can avail the products through a combined dashboard with a wide panel of third-party providers present to assist you at every step.

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