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Google De-indexes Nearly 1.75 Billion Websites from Search Result

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Currently, websites eliminated from Google’s index due to copyright issues has now touched 1.75 billion. The reports can be authenticated thru the header on the copyright segment of Google’s transparency report.

The number of rejected copyright takedown requests is only 39 million. The total amount of copyright requests has seen a 53% hike.

The report can track the number of takedown requests received by Google. Even pending URLs, invalid URLs, duplicated URLs, can be track down. With Google’s prompt system, there are zero pending requests, momentarily.

The Complete Procedure of Submitting a Copyright Request-

Copyright takedown request must be directed through the holder of the copyrighted content. The owner has to inform Google about the copyrighted content. Once the request has been directed, Google’s potential team initiates the analysis procedure.

If the copyright takedown request is done and correct, the trespassing URL will be eliminated from the search results. Once, the review is completed Google’s Search Console will notify the owner.

As soon as Google receives a security notification, it ruminates whether the content should be indexed in search results or not.

Till date, more than 20 million requests have been directed, and resulted into the elimination of 1.75 billion URLs from 888 thousand domains.

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