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How to Optimize and Grow Traffic on Blogs

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Worked hard on your blog, established a reader base, but still no traffic? Time for some serious inputs! We are right here to assist you with certain tips for increasing blog visibility and traffic with simple elements. Go with the flow guys:

1. “Strategic” Content is the key guys!

One of the most basic ways to increase traffic is to write a creative, appealing and interesting content, being “Content as the King”. It must highlight the quality and must meet the strategic elements of your marketing campaign and efforts.


Think about the readers and then construct a content that appeals their intellectual parameters. Browse through various search engines, look out for options and try several article directories for references.

Try being an analytic geek, and shoot for statistical analysis, infographics and video storytelling. Following some of the below mentioned points might lead to an effective traffic generation:

  • Write down an Evergreen Content that appeals to the audiences of all genres.
  • Punch lines work best for contents, as they are eye-catchy and interesting. Don’t be afraid of experimenting, a boring “paragraphed” content is nothing but a monotony in sight!
  • Generate Newsletters to “flaunt” your progress

2. Don’t Let Keywords Scare You Away!

Keywords and Search Engine Optimization plays a BIG role in optimizing your blog visibility and helps in driving big traffic. Don’t let SEO scare you away, as if done right, they can prove to be very advantageous.

Remember some essential key points with SEO:

  • Keywords making sense? Yes!
  • Going for keyword stuffing for a search-optimized content? Yes!
  • So many hyperlinks within a single blog? No!
  • Links to other specific blogs written? Yes!
  • Conceptualizing the post through keyword management? Yes!
  • Avoiding long-tail keywords? NO!

Well, the last point came off pretty good. So, why Long-Tail Keywords Matter? It’s cheaper in terms of PPC, can target a larger audience, and can provide topmost SERP results. Okay, we get it that you are impressed, but how to find them? It’s easy my friend!

Start off with Google the Master. Type in a phrase and let Google suggestions auto-complete your search. Select any one of them and look out for suggestions at the bottom of the page.


Select the desired keywords and evaluate them into the Google Keyword Planner. Look out for the high-volume keyword which might help you out. You just got the gold-nugget keywords!


3. Look Where Your Audience Resides

Your writing is nothing without its readers! In order to drive certain traffic, one must know the preferences and hangouts of their audiences. It’s essential to be specific about where you spend your time. Dip your feet into the pool and check which social network platforms to suit your style and genre along with audience establishment.


Understand your audience better in order to attract them and construct key-building links. Try following below mentioned steps in order to connect with the ENGAGING AUDIENCE:

  • Integrate with Google Analytics to evaluate various engaging websites that are driving authentic target audience.
  • Activate forums and sites mostly referred by the visitors.
  • Be an active part of discussions and post links or blog comments if required. Point them to your valuable resource by dropping the link.
  • Ask people to share the content for better optimization.

(It takes effort to be successful after all!)

4. Mobile Compatibility and Site Speed Optimization

Well, a bitter truth- No one is going to wait for your page to load up! It’s now or never for the audience! Just the “Red Cross” or “Back” button is enough for them to switch to another competitive link. You don’t want that now, don’t you!

Is page speed a problem? Go for Google’s Page Speed Insights tool, as it analyzes the speed authenticity and score, and will further provide you with tips to enhance the website loading with a kick-start (if required) for better traffic.


Similarly, Mobile optimization is an innovative process of connecting with the tech-savvy audience. Most of the time is being spent on tablets or mobile phones, which gives the bloggers a wide opportunity to relate to their audiences. Consider checking these WordPress plugins for a mobile-optimized content:

  • WPtouch Mobile Plugin
  • Jetpack by WordPress

5. Play it “Cool” With the Other Kids in the Back

It never hurts to be a little polite, right?

Good manners can take you a long, productive way. Building blog traffic means establishing good relationships with your fellow bloggers for a positive online reputation. What’s the harm in teaming up with your competitors to taste some success!


In order to attract the audience, be an active part of the social communities and blogs and comment as per the chronology. Work your way up to tag a reputed blogger in one of your posts, and tag them in a tweet for a response aka retweet. This results in more shares, traffic generation and high pitching.

Want to generate traffic to your blog? Follow the above tips for a skyrocketing audience graph!

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