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Maccabees Updates – Google’s Latest New Core Algorithm Changes

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In mid-December 2017, the leading search engine Google revealed about some minor updates relating to core algorithm. According to Google’s spokesperson, these changes are part of their regular routine and efforts to improve relevancy.

What is Maccabees update?

Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Roundtable introduced it Maccabees and made analysis of 100 sites and found that these updates are mainly related to keyword permutation, and also websites using doorway pages. First report about impact of these updates started in December 12, 2017, though the changes were minor.

Meanwhile, certain evidences show that mostly affiliate sites got affected with such updates. On the other hand, there are some e-commerce sites that have not suffered much, but some witnessed major fall in traffic as well. Overall, these sites are affected not so much due to latest updates.

Google’s new changes to core algorithms target certain types of sites. As Google’s spokesperson made it clear that these updates are aiming to improve relevancy. So, these can of course impact in terms of improvement of both on-page and off-page.

Here are certain facts and counter arguments related to new core algorithm updates.

  • The theory of Maccabees is mobile-first related has no relevance as some reports proved that mobile-friendly sites have not seen in any kind of improvements in Google’s mobile bot.
  • The theory of new updates can make more impact on desktop visibility than mobile visibility also became irrelevant as some analysts reported just opposite.

What types of sites are mostly affected by Maccabees update?

As stated by Google, these updates can have minor impact in term of ranking of sites in SERPs. So, you can’t expect a major fall back. There are many affiliate websites that are still performing good in search engines, though some got affected. So, there are mixed responses you can get. As mentioned, e-commerce sites are affected less due to these changes. Of course, there may be some sites witnessed an adverse impact in terms of their rankings and traffic.

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