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Maximize content exposure on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is not just a professional networking social platform anymore, where you connect with experts and brands. There’s more than that to it!

Do you know about content exposure strategies on LinkedIn and how these features have helped brands create professional awareness?

Well, LinkedIn is an all-in-one package folks! With a few tweaks here and there, you can also generate brand awareness, business leads and drive high revenue percentage.

LinkedIn provides ample opportunities to market a relevant yet insightful content to business professionals, who are waiting for a good consumption.

What are its benefits? Positive Brand Awareness, Evolving Relations with Prospects, and Quality Leads- All in One Package!

Let’s get on a fun yet informative ride on how to maximize content exposure on LinkedIn in 5 simple steps:

#1: Use Your Company Page as a Source

Maintaining a high-quality LinkedIn company page allows you to attract potential clients and prospects with engaging info graphics, contents and punch lines.

The content used must be informative and should be able to justify several queries and problems. A sense of loyal connection with the followers remains intact through this way.

An ideal way to start would be to promote your company’s webinar or event to influence the audience. Give out the details in an appropriate fashion. Incorporate these points while structuring a company’s LinkedIn profile page:

  • Latest links to your company’s white pages
  • Case studies
  • Business articles
  • EBooks
  • Useful How-To content
  • Info graphics and visuals (the new trend)

Try engaging with the audience through relevant posts and responding to followers’ comments. Change the images and background images to avoid any creative hassles.

Posting a “celebratory” post regarding company’s achievement is a great idea to create awareness along with the links and updates.

#2: LinkedIn SlideShare is the New Theme

LinkedIn SlideShare reviews a total of 70 million unique visitors on a monthly basis- A PLUS POINT! With an abundance of contents being shared on SlideShare, it is not a small of a deal!

Try incorporating creative, informative yet funny and appealing content on SlideShare. Try using the below points before taking any steps:

  • Videos documented by the company
  • Webinar and conference footages
  • “How-to’s” and suggestions for products
  • Company presentations with slides
  • Webinar links
  • Info graphics
  • Short yet crispy content


Something more innovative? Okay, here’s the deal- Upload a new, fresh content on weekly basis, highlight the links on the profile page, and integrate content into a selective playlist.

You can also add lead forms to keep a track of the user engagement while keeping a check on quality inbound link.

PRO TIP: SlideShare Clipping tool can be used create a “spot-on” and attractive content one has constructed for their home links and networks.

#3: Go All the way with Publisher

Try using Publisher as a new tool to generate audience’s eye while upgrading your page for industries’ upper rankers, which includes managers, VPs, and CEOs.


Follow these rules while designing a theme with content to be published on LinkedIn Publisher:

  • Proficient expertise and skills
  • Latest Industry trends
  • Lessons learned and implied

Don’t leave it all for one- Publish anything materialistic that comes into your mind. Monthly, regularly, weekly- Anytime as per your convenience! For inspirational purposes, try the LinkedIn Pulse app (available on Android or iOS) to check out the trending vibes in the specific genre while keeping up with the standards.


Follow the comments section and answer some of the questions posted by your target audience. Through this, audience loyalty increase along with their interests.

PRO TIP: While going on that road, make sure to attach some link images and keywords redirecting towards your company’s official website from maintaining a regular traffic flow. For additional learning, join the Writing on LinkedIn Group.

#4: Sponsored Updates- Trending Promotional Tool

Do you know the basic dissimilarity between sponsored updates and direct sponsored content?

  • LinkedIn Sponsored Updates– Allows you to create and publish content in order to reach a percentage of professional targeted audience beyond LinkedIn followers.
  • Direct Sponsored Content– Well, this is fun! Accordingly, it is a kind of sponsored update which allows the writer to share the specific content in a more customized fashion directly in the feed. Different commerce, different audience, different content! You can test the varieties of content as per the requisites for optimizing performance.


You must have guessed which one’s better! Quality leads shared and sighted by professionals can be shared through LinkedIn Sponsored Updates easily. Use the below list before finalizing what type of content and how to sponsor:

  • Company Newsflash
  • Blog Content
  • Business R&D News
  • Case Studies
  • Webinars
  • Content posted by prolific business leaders (both within and outside of your organizational frame)
  • Eye-Catchy Visuals And Statistics Data


E.g.: Post an ad for job openings and find new talents. Keep in mind to create a mobile-responsive website or landing page for increased user engagement and activity. Use the below link before taking any steps:

  • An informative yet appealing visual (1200 x 627 pixel image) must be your choice.
  • Captions and descriptions must be short and crisp.
  • 2-4 sponsored updates must be tracked in a week.
  • Evaluate post-click by adding URL tracking codes to keep a track of site visits or conversions.

#5: Group Conversation is a Must

Talks about “joining the conversation” and “establishing thought leadership” seems very common for any company who is trying to make a “LinkedIn” presence. LinkedIn groups seem as a perfect resource.

A perfect LinkedIn group is the unswerving reflection of the time, energy, and efforts of the people managing them while keeping a sharp eye on reflective audience targeted engagement activities.

Following are some of the ideas to establish a perfect professional group:

  • Foremost thing- Avoid Self-Promotion
  • Use groups as a panel for discussion forums
  • Add sparkling topics about latest trends, how to’s and what to do’s.
  • Engage followers with several questions and quizzes
  • Ask for suggestions and feedbacks
  • Manage a fresh and interesting content
  • Submit posts on a daily basis
  • Be a member of relevant industry groups


USEFUL: Explore the LinkedIn Groups: A Moderator’s Field Guide for further learning.

Our journey ends here- OVER TO YOU NOW!

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