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Microsoft Bing’s T20 March Madness

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March Madness- the new addition to Microsoft’s cap! With an innovative approach, Bing has laid out their predictions via March Madness for upcoming T20 Cricket World Cup, providing you with details regarding match schedules, teams, scores and live results for 2016. Just go on Bing and type “March Madness”, and you will get a whole insight.

Three different options above the normal search results will be displayed on the page, providing you with the chart details and team nominations playing this season.

With the initiation of T20 World Cup, sports freak can now experience “March Madness” Bing at its best with in-game predictions, photos, videos, polls and quizzes.


Bing posted, “Now that the bracket has officially been announced, our data scientists are in the lab, working tirelessly to perfect their models so our smarter bracket is powered by Bing Predicts and ready for you to access by Monday morning. Stay tuned for an updated analysis of the Bing smarter bracket on the Bing blog tomorrow.”

Get ready to experience a whole new level of cricket with Bing!

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