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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is one of the streamlined tools used by any company for brand promotional activities within mass media. A well-known marketing technique, it empowers the means of promotion through a cobweb of consumer-friendly mobile networks and turns out to be the perfect idea with enlarged invasion of smartphones and tablets all over the world. This element proposes for an ample amount of global audience to advertise and endorse, thus creating an international atmosphere for the products, brands and services to grow and prosper.

Why Choose Us?

With Rally Solutions, you are bound with an expert knowledge and guidance with acute connectivity to the audience for a better Mobile SEO interface without wasting any time. With Mobile Friendly SEO Services at your doorstep, we are capable to attract the clients and direct their attention with best and qualitative techniques and methods under assuring prices. We have hired a team of expert professionals and developers, who make best use of the ample technology in order to deliver and enhance the experience of mobile applications. Who doesn’t want their name to be emerged on the front page of the Google Search done in any tablet or smartphone? This is one of the best ways to influence traffic on any webpage within short time period. Several services and assistance delivered within this genre include:

  • Scanning, reviewing and evaluating Mobile optimization stage
  • Mobile website optimization linguistics
  • User-Friendly mobile website designing and development
  • Feasible SEO solutions
  • Integrating modern mobile tools and applications, like Whatsapp, Hike, Line, etc. for the process

Multiple elements involved under this criterion are as follows:


Mobile SEO or Mobile Search Engine Optimization calls for an increased efficiency, as it overviews the website plan, design, framework, page speed and makes sure that the users visiting any website form their smartphone are well-catered for a superior experience. Google’s latest inflictions on developing a mobile-friendly search are included within the characteristics. The interest lies in the varying focus of consumers from traditional browsing on PCs to conventional mobility approach through smartphones and tablets. With Rally Solutions at your assistance 24*7, there is no chance of disappointment. Following characteristics sums up this motive in a more detailed manner:

Mobile Compatibility Check

With the construction of highly advanced and technically updated apps and services, our innovative and productive staff keep an eye on the elements required while designing the apps and makes sure that they are framed in accordance with mobile availability and compatibility. With one-of-a-kind tools and equipped materials, we aim to deliver best mobile-friendly apps for your smartphones and tablets duly checked and supervised.

Mobile Friendly Meta Tags

With the Meta tags, Rally Solutions allow you to dominate the default quantity while establishing a width for your page through certain numeric quantity, and design the pixels and the width in accordance with the mobile’s screen and page size. It can be done by using the program command:

For the height relevancy, use a comma to separate different values by using this formula:

Optimize Videos and Images for Mobile

As relevant with the Mobile SEO Services, videos and pictures being highlighted on the website must be optimized and designed as appropriate for the smartphones. There is a much need to optimize the pictures and videos, as it develops a far-reaching circulation plan need to be covered and waived off in order to discover your target audience. At Rally Solutions, we make sure that every video and pictorial campaign is constructed properly in accordance with the device’s size and length.

Go Local

Listing and serving the best local options is the main target duly achieved under Mobile SEO Optimization process. With Rally Solutions guiding you, these apps augment their search results and quickly carry out a list of services and citations within the local outreach. With options so close to you, it maintains the relevancy of the app and provides vast grounds to select upon.


Millions and billions of users make a good and productive use of social media websites and different promotional advertisements from their mobile device. With the introduction of Mobile App Promotion, technicians at Rally Solutions enables the advertisers and promoters to target their clients and traffic through entertaining, user-friendly and cost-effective mobile applications. One of the best place to initiate your process, mobile applications are instated as best sources to promote, as it links the product or the service to an international audience. Several popular social media brands such as Facebook, Twitter, eBay and Amazon proposed for a better user base through this junction.

Mobile App Advertising

With Rally Solutions, we open a large world full of possibilities for regaining traffic through mobile app advertising, one of the fastest and easiest ways to promote the applications and services. With a penchant to discover new apps and services, we drive the attention towards highly available products and services through this service. With an interactive and visually enriching approach, we aim to attain the goals in a more prolific way.

App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) frames the visibility of any mobile app on various interfaces such as an iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone in the mobile application store such as iTunes for iOS, Google Play for Android, BlackBerry World for BlackBerry and Windows Store for Windows Phone. The main requirement implies a crucial understanding of the target and the mind frame of the consumers in accordance with the raging technology. Including common keywords can add to the marketing plans with a lucrative outcome.