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Now Watch and Share Videos Online through YouTube’s UpTime App!

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In the pool of updates, here comes another great initiative! YouTube has launched a brand-new social video sharing app called ”UPTIME”. It is introduced by Google’s internal team, Area 120, and allows users to share and watch videos simultaneously with your friends for a better social connectivity.

It is laced with modern features, has a lively design and comprises of “reaction” option. Here’s the introductory tweet:

UpTime App Tweet

To download, log into the app through Google account, and you will come across a video giving detail about how Uptime works. You can watch, share and react with friends by commenting on the streaming video.

UpTime App

This app acts as a beneficial factor to the latest update YouTube has come up with, i.e. downloading YouTube videos and saving them to create an offline playlist.

Uptime is currently only available for iPhone users and in US only.

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