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Sharing Music on FB Messenger Becomes Easy with Spotify

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Have you got your “Musical” surprise yet on Facebook? If not, then log in to your messenger account and experience the “melodic” vibes going on and on..! With a new update, Facebook is determined to surprise us every now and then, and this time, it has gone a step forward by collaborating with Spotify for it’s very “first music integration”. Music is on Facebook, and now the users can share files between friends through Spotify without any disruption or failure.

As unveiled today, i.e. 4th March 2016, Facebook announced its integration with the music streaming podcast, Spotify, and narrated the easy usage of the add-on on Facebook Messenger. Share the song you fell in love via Spotify- all you just have to do is to click on the “More” option with a pop-up appearing on your screen.


Facebook posted its own comment and said, “We’re making it easy for you to let your friends know what music you are loving at any moment.” This new feature has been updated on iOS and Android platform, and the users can experience the ease instantly. Now, no more links sharing, sending screenshots or typing the name- Just go to Spotify and send whichever song you feel like sharing while boosting communication and engagement.

Steps to experience “Spotify”:

  • Log into your Facebook Messenger account, and open a chat with a friend you would like to share a music file with.
  • Tap to “More” option, and Spotify option will appear.
  • Select the option and it will direct you to the app.
  • On “Search for something to share” column, type any song, name of the artist or any playlist you would like to share.
  • Select the desired song, and the screen will be popped back to the Messenger chat.
  • Choose if you want to share any cover picture along with the song, and just select “Send”.
  • When your friend, the receiver, will select the song for listening, he will be directed on to the Spotify app.

Check out your Facebook Messenger and swirl back into the pleasing world of music.

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