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Snapchat Reveals Innovative Messaging Updates and More!!!

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Snapchat has arrived with more advanced stickers, videos, audio clips and many more. Amidst all the modes of communication, text messaging is the trendiest among youngsters. This fact is attested by a study conducting by Pew Research which has also noted that a maximum percentage of teenagers prefer texting as the most convenient communication method. The growing user dependencies on apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Kik, etc. also validates this fact. On the other hand, Snapchat has seen remarkable growth, however initially it didn’t count as a messaging app. (May be that was the reason for an up gradation!) Today is the day when Snapchat has commenced a potential update of their on-platform messaging and functional features, which can change the dynamics of conventional messaging tactics. With the help of new features and advanced integration, Snapchat has come up with potent messaging toolset that works seemingly with the extensive Snap experience.  Along with latest addition of these features, now your “snapping” experience would be much cooler and fun-filled!!!

This is how it would work-

  • With the upgraded version, you can now make calls via Snapchat, even when the call receiver is not chatting with you. Really!!
  • Apparently, the moment you swipe, you will get the option to join the video call, watch or ignore.


  • Here comes the cool part, if you choose to watch, you can answer to the video chat thru text instead of focusing on camera yourself – well, you don’t need to touch up your faces girls!!
  • You can minimize the video to have a more chat-like experience.
  • Now you can express yourselves by sending funky and cool emoticons via Snapchat as it has 200 stickers available.


  • With the latest upgrade, you can send your own GIF-esque response via a new feature called Video Notes. This a thumbnail video of 10-seconds max that you can record and send as part of the conversation even with the recipient taps on the image.
  • Just like video notes, you can send a short, voice snippet enhancing the chat flow in the form of an audio note for better integration.
  • While chatting, send multiple photos, which can be edited with an in-built Snapchat’s drawing tools. Besides, you can send camera roll photographs throughout audio and video calls.

Meanwhile, you can hop between all these different features as if you are on a video call and you want to switch it to a text-based conversation. You can, with a wink of an eye that to without having to start up a new session. Similarly, if you are messaging your friend and you want to switch to an audio call, you can.


The presence of the diverse range of interactive features is something that is not commonly found on other platforms and will undoubtedly, be preferred by Snapchat’s 100 million daily active users. Experience an auto-advance Snapchat story feature, which means that once you are finished with a story or you just want to skip it, the next in line would start playing automatically. The whole new interface has become easier and hassle-free for its users to take in more things on board. The latest update has evolved Snapchat from teen app to a full-fledged communication platform. The advanced version has given the ease of swapping between the several chat features and functions, while trying out new tools for an ultimate messaging experience, which is quite unique to other platforms. With every single update, Snapchat is blooming as a trending app. Happy Snapping!!

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