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Snapchat Makes It Easy to Navigate With “Universal Search” Feature

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Looks like Snapchat doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned to provide a fleeting experience to users! It has just made it easier to navigate within the app and search friends, Discover publishers, groups and Our Stories easily.

A universal search bar has been added to the Snap’s feather, and has been introduced for Android users as of now. The “search bar” will allow you to search and locate any content within your account single-handedly. Here are some of the rising features:

  • “Quick Chat” suggestions and visuals helps you jump to a friend’s story or message thread faster than before.
  • Snapchat can potentially ask advertisers/promoters to pay a certain amount for sponsored placement on the top of search results. In such a way, this new addition can bring the company a lot of revenue and improve their profit charts.

Snapchat mobile update

  • This new search bar allows you to hop on to your profile, just by clicking your Bitmoji. Also, selecting a friend’s auto-suggest card will allow you to chat with them instantly.
  • You will be able to watch out for your “best friends” or people your stories are mostly linked with or you Snap with very frequently.
  • Simplifying navigation, Snapchat is now permitting users to submit to their “Our Story” from anywhere and at any time. Snappers won’t have to be specific about the stories, and can just leave it to Snapchat to figure out and combine the picture/content based on the Snap-trends.


  • Snapchat doesn’t want you to get bored with that old-monotonous friend list. Instead, it will now suggest you great accounts to link with. Cool, right?

Still not on Snapchat? Time to give the world a SNAP of your life!

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