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Terms and Conditions

While using our services, the client accepts the following terms and conditions.

Prior Requirements:

The client has no duplicate sites, content, pages, redirects or doorway pages. The client has not exchanged or requested links to link farms or considered any spamming techniques which might hamper the site’s ranking on Google.

Rally Solutions strictly follows the ethical web development and SEO policies and can make any guarantee nulled should it be found that the client has engaged in actions considered spammed by the search engines like,

  • Making use of hidden links
  • Usage of page redirect and cloaking techniques
  • Submission of web pages to the search engines, search directories or other websites without the approval of Rally Solutions
  • Making use of automated website submission software, websites or reciprocal links programs

Rally Solutions reserves the right to make use of client’s websites, web design, layouts, wireframes and collateral for promotional and marketing purposes. This comprises of testimonials on our websites, portfolio examples, case studies, and discrete links at the foot of the pages of the given website only as per the client’s approval.


The client ensures that any kind of domain forwarding is not used to host their website on free webspace. In a condition, if it is discovered that the present IP address may be a component of ‘bad neighbourhood’ or for reasons of optimization, Rally Solutions can ask the client to change the hosting provider.

The client agrees to ensure the following in order to receive professional services offered by Rally Solutions:

  • Access to client website
  • Administrative/backend access to the website in order to evaluate and analyse content and structure
  • Authorization to make modifications for optimization purposes, and to connect directly with any third parties, if required.
  • Unrestrained access to website traffic figures for evaluation and tracking purpose.
  • Permission to use client pictures, trademarks, website logos, content etc., as and when required



Rally Solutions implements the agreement to the best of its capability while considering the prerequisites of best practice. Rally Solutions make extensive efforts to perform the services in an effective manner. The company does not guarantee however strives to ensure that it will always attain the results as per the client’s demands.

Loss of Service

The company is not accountable for any loss of services, inaccessibility of files, improper use of equipment by other clients, failure of any externally handled aspects or other services considered to be beyond Rally Solution’s control.


  • The parties are accountable to ensure confidentiality of any information exchanged under this agreement, whether it is written or verbal. Any data or information is considered to be confidential if it has been revealed by a party if it emerges because of the nature of information.
  • Rally Solutions reserves the right to provide the client’s name as reference and to divulge it accordingly.
  • Any sort of personal details or statistical provided by the client to the company is confidential.