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UPDATE ALERT: Google Extends Length of SERP Titles and Descriptions

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In a recent update, Google has taken a significant step in increasing the length of titles and descriptions, resulting in a positive outlook for Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). As a result, the limit of title tags has been extended from 50–60 characters to 70–71 characters.

Similarly, the length for Meta descriptions has been increased to 100 characters per line, which results as a quality addition for searchers to add information about the page and its services.


It is reported that Google is still under trial phase with this update, and might be reversed anytime. So, don’t analyse the SEO results based on this addition, as there is still time for it to go on the floors permanently.

What Do SEOs Think?

A Reddit thread highlights the fact that the major change has gone unnoticed.

“The analysis that I’ve done has shown that Google updated the search results layout to give organic listings an increased title tag size – as well as increased width of the Featured Snippets/Answer Boxes, but have decreased the height of the Featured Snippets/Answer Boxes.”

Lets see what Google is up to now!!

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