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UPDATE: Facebook Unveils 360 Photos For An Immersive Experience

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With an aim to boost the photographic experience, Facebook has introduced an advanced feature called “360 Photos”, that allowed users to share immersive pictures viewed and observed from various angles.

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The update is available on Facebook’s web, Android, and iOS platform, and can be created by documenting a panoramic view via your phone, an app or a 360-degree camera. After clicking an image, the user will be allowed to share the picture on FB, which will format and convert the file as relevant.

These images have a little compass icon marked on them, and you can watch and schedule the picture by swiping, tilting or clicking-and-dragging with a mouse (desktop).

Video Player Option:

Users with a Samsung Gear VR-compatible phone have the option to view these images with a “View in VR” option by controlling their Oculus-powered Gear VR headset through head movement.

After a long speculation, Facebook has finally launched the option, but what seems difficult is the process of developing these images. A dedicated and well-constructed camera is your ultimate solution! With 360 Photos, Facebook will change what has been a 3-second glance to a proper 20-second immersive image interaction.

You will be able to witness the new 360 Photos feature on web and mobile from today. Take a break and experience the luxury!

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