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Ways to Use Facebook Live For Your Business

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Is the word “Facebook Live” familiar to you? You want to use it for your business, don’t you?

In order to take the first steps, first let’s know more about this additional feature.

What makes Facebook Live so great?!

In technical words, Facebook Live is a trending feature, which allows you to maintain a smooth connection with your fans, clients and followers via live video streaming option through mobiles. Now show the world what and how you are doing and managing!

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Live users will be adhered with massive traffic conversion, allowing them to connect with the audience while approaching them with a fun streak. The best part? No additional fee, no new apps to know about, and no software or add-ons to download! Just a simple, interactive and user-friendly tool in your kitty and you are good to go!

The videos are promoted and displayed on the audiences’ timelines, which give access to them to comment and share their thoughts. Although with a limited mode amongst U.S. iPhone users and blue-verified fan pages, gaining access is not that much of a headache.

Now, the tricky part- What and How to broadcast on FB Live? Well, it’s not much of a trouble if you have a strategic planning directory in accordance with your business genre, target audience and desired goals.

Let’s give wings to your ideas with these innovative ways to any business can incorporate to highlight the marketing arsenal through FACEBOOK LIVE:

  • Behind The Scenes. Under The Cloak

Be it any video or post, people show keen interest in checking out the behind-the-scenes videos and bloopers. If they are already familiar with your organization and are a part of your wide-frame client base, it’s much more fun! This comes out as an opportunity to break the fourth wall and be more than just an advancing organization. For e.g.:

If you are a restaurant owner, a glimpse of your kitchen area, how dishes are prepared, a quick quote from the Head Chef and much more can be included into the video for audience to connect. A fashion designer? A quick tour of your gallery to lure women watching the video!

  • Interactive Live Q&As

Facebook Live is a double-end interactive feature, which allows the audience to type a message and ask their queries. What we are talking about is Interactive Q/As session! While being on your best professional behavior, bring out some fun from the questions, and be full of humor while deriving information. This gives a chance for audience to connect with you not just professionally but in a whole interactive way.

Hey, who knows you might stumble upon great ideas via this Q/A session for your next campaign!


  • Show Off Your Latest Achievement

Got something new amongst your inventions? It’s just “Lights, Camera, Action” time for you! A well-scripted and demonstrated product description never goes out of fashion. Step-by-step display with explanations and features allows your audience to concentrate and engage with your handiwork.

What’s the harm in a little show off?!


  • You? A Tutor? Marker and Board Please!

Video Tutorials for several products and services can take you a long way! It actually helps your clients to get a better interface about your products and services, how to use it and why it is helpful.

It’s not necessary that all of attention should be towards the introduced product. A series of history lingering around towards that can be scripted.

A knowledge record beckons. Get your professor hat!

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  • Stay Technically Updated (Boring? Yes. Significant? Double YES!)

We agree with you on this- it might not be as fun as you thought it would, but you lacking behind your competitors would be the worst case scenario! Make this boring task a bit more fun by posting latest weekly or monthly video updates in the industry with attractive captions and interactive phrases. An extra credibility doesn’t harm anyone, eh?


Start Planning Now!

So, there you go with certain interactive actions to use Facebook Live for your business! To achieve perfection, one must start planning in order to cure every obstacle. It’s not that common to grab an opportunity to own your own video blog and channel! Make the best use of it with Facebook Live.

Ready? Set? GO!

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