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With WordPress Plugins Facebook Allows the Publishers to Create Instant Articles

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Facebook is all set to introduce its much talked feature of ‘Instant Articles’ and it will be globally open to all publishers from starting April 12, 2016. Partnering with Automattic, Facebook will release an Instant Article WordPress plugin that will allow the publishers to directly publish their articles in the Instant Articles. On the other hand the user can view the entire article published by various publishers in the Facebook’s app of mobile.


All you should know about Instant Articles:

  • The Instant Articles Initiative was first announced on May 12, 2015. From Oct 20, 2015 Facebook launched Instant Articles for iPhone users.
  • Improved Experience for the Readers – Now the reader will be saved from the annoying experience when they used to click an intriguing link in the news feed and the screen go blank due to the loading of the page in changeable speed. Facebook claims that with Instant Articles, the downloading of the articles will become 10 times faster than the regular mobile links on Facebook.
  • With an introduction of new creative tools with Instant Articles, publishers will be allowed to fuse vivacity into their stories with user friendly multimedia features like high resolution photos, auto-play videos, communicating maps and even author’s voice with audio captions along with the existing standard ways for authoring articles – HTML and RSS feed.
  • ‘Instant Articles’ now give control to the publishers. S/he can decide what to publish, what to share on Facebook, what ads to sell in the articles and keep the revenue.
  • Currently this feature is available at iPhone Facebook app.

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